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The brand that represents truly authentic Thai-style ice creams. Made from the freshest and highest quality ingredients, Aroi-Dee is the epitome of premium ice creams made even better.

The Ultimate Premium
Thai Ice Creams.

Tantalizing, endearing and absolutely delicious, Aroi-Dee is all about authentic Thai-style ice cream served fresh, the premium way. As dedicated connoisseurs, our devotion is to create ice creams of the highest quality, coupled with the most creative presentations to bring out that unique experience without you having to travel far just to enjoy one. It all started when an ice cream enthusiast cooked up the idea to bring the much-loved Thai ice cream all the way from our flamboyant neighbour who boasts one of the most colourful and exciting dessert cultures, right to the doorstep of Malaysia.

Best Natural Ingredients

Aroi-Dee ice creams come in a plethora of flavours, made even special by our innovative and unrivalled serving methods.

The Truly Authentic
Taste Of Thailand

Best Loved Dessert, Thai Style.

Aroi-Dee began its journey from its signature Thai-style Coconut Ice Creams served creatively in coconut shells. It is known and loved by all true ice cream fanatics who truly possess superior taste buds simply wouldn’t accept anything less than this tantalizingly delectable cold dessert. Ever wondered why they taste so, so good? It’s because only first grade ingredients were ever considered. Refusing to concoct from mere coconut juice, we incorporated a generous portion of coconut flesh and coconut milk (santan) as main ingredients. We have also refrained ourselves from including additives such as preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring. Every bite brings out that fresh, yummy, nutritious yet natural taste that is thick and dense, immediately taking itself to the top of the finest ice creams echelon.
Today, Aroi-Dee has become Thailand’s top 10 favourite desserts of all time, and is widely enjoyed by fans of all ages and all walks of life, and amazingly the choice of Thailand’s royal family as well.


85, Lorong Saga 1/2,
Kawasan Perusahaan Ringan Saga,
08000, Sungai Petani, Kedah

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